Invincible Warrior Video Compilation

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Today should be important day, the decisive battle. Will the villagers to defend their homes from attacks of robbers? All the women of the village hidden in the woods, the men went to fight, but the young girl really wanted to somehow help. Kiyomi decided to go to an old abandoned church, where her ancestors was once asked to help the statue of "Invincible Warrior" and always won the battles. Sneak into the temple, she saw a huge statue of the bull-man. She clearly did not expect: "Invincible Warrior" was a monster! But Kiyomi was not going to back down. Sat down before the statue, she began to ask Warrior to help its people. From the statue came a strange crunching and crackling, Kiyomi looked up and her paralyzed horror! "Invincible Warrior" came to life! He looked straight at her, she began to lower her eyes and saw right in front a huge dick. Monster approached the girl and held his cock near of her face. Kiyomi understand how she can earn the protection of the village. Kiyomi undressed and obediently opened her mouth, "Invincible Warrior" put his huge dick down her throat. After a time the monster raised Kiyomi their paws and began to fuck in the most unimaginable positions. The girl did not resist. Somewhere she even liked. Cum on Kiyomi several times Warrior gave her to understand that the villagers have nothing more to fear. She was happy, even proud of herself.

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